{December 27, 2008}   About Lucy


Nickname:Mishima, Ruushii, Sugoi-chan

I likes: singing, dancinh, photography, shooting, Hello!Project, j-pop, pop, animal, family, friends, sea, music, Christmas

I don´t likes:spiders, snakes, tokio hotel, emo, bad people…

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Favourite animal: horses, cats, dogs

Favourite color:orange, dark pink and dark red, blue, green…

Favourite singer: Matsuura Aya, Takahashi Ai, Natsuyaki Miyabi

Favourite song: Himitsu dolls, Balalaika, Yuke Yuke Monkey dance, MADAYADE, Forever love,Kizuna, Resonant Blue, Special Generation …

Genre:j-pop, pop…

{December 27, 2008}   About Veronica

Name: Veronica


She likes:sleeping, singing, dancing, family, all animals that they have got, hello kitty, photography, shooting, music, right friends, sea, sun, Hello!Project and j-pop

She don´t likes:emo, tokio hotel, getting up early, when someon says to her what to do

Country: Czech Republic

City: Olomouc

Favourite animal:cats, rabbits

Favourite color:orange, pink, almost all

Favourite singer:Tamaki Nami

Favourite song:Oogoe Diamond, Valentine Jealousy, Madayade, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, Forever Love, Wasuretakunai Natsu

Genre: j-pop, j-poprock

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